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Mentoring with Sonia & LHQ…

92% Don’t Achieve Their Goals Or They Are Not Living The Life They Truly Want.
We Don’t Want You To Be That 92%. We Want You To Make It Happen.
Lead by Sonia McDonald CEO & founder, 95% our Program Alumni say working with us is the single largest contributor to their success in their careers, mindset and businesses

For more than 20 years, we have coached and empowered people around the world to help them get that mindset and courage by reaching their full potential.

We have helped them build their brands (personal and business), grow their leadership, get that promotion, increase their confidence, build great awareness, increase their business and career revenue and achieve brilliant careers and businesses.

Results and OutcomesI have achieved have been transformational. One Executive achieved her dream job! Another Leader got a great promotion! A Not for Profit Manager completely changed his life

Sonia completely rewired my internal voice. She encouraged and cultivated a deep and clear understanding of my own strengths and emotions, and opened my eyes on how these affected my every day life. She helped me recalibrate my own personal values, and be proud of what I stand for. She helped me interpret my professional relationships, and gave endless and invaluable advice on how these could be made stronger. She is always a voice of calm and reason when the world seems to be exactly the opposite, and I would encourage anyone to spend some time with her. Jonathan

Sonia Leads The Leadership Collective.

She calls herself the Accidental Entrepreneur where she started a leading leadership and management consulting company over a decade ago from a blog. She has grown her business with a, lot of hard work, courage and determination. She wants to show you how you can build and create the career or business of your dreams. Today Sonia, CEO and founder of LeadershipHQ, is one of Australia’s leading executive coaches and facilitators, thought leader, keynote speaker and author. Named as one of the Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs and Top 250 Influential Women across the Globe, Sonia is shaking up the world of leadership. She’s changing the way we view leadership and along the way, uncovering awesome leadership talent which had gone unrecognised. She has been published in The Australian, Business News Australia, Gold Coast Bulletin and is a regular on national radio in Leadership and how to Rock It!

She ultimately wants to make a difference to your career, business and life. Sonia’s work across the Globe in Leadership and Neuroscience has received rave reviews. The results and feedback she receives from her work is proof that she is the only coach to work with! She will take you on a journey where you will see and feel the difference in your direction, life and mindset.

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Are you ready to rock it?

If you can see yourself achieiving greatness and being BRAVE, mentoring with us will smooth your way ahead – and you’ll love every minute of it! To find out more about our program today!

  • Purpose

    Let’s Get to Your Why.

  • The Plan

    Questions to Rock It!

  • Discovery

    Discover Your Sweet Spot.

  • Ignite

    Let’s Build that Awareness. Be the Best Version of You.

  • Focus

    Mindset and Power of Thoughts.

  • Take Charge

    Action, Challenge and Embed.

  • Build It

    Passion, Career and Brand.

  • Voice

    Find It and Stand Tall.

  • Network

    Who and the Tribe.

  • Results

    Successes, Growth and Roadblocks.

  • Courage

    Gratitude and Courage Maps.

  • Commitment.

    Keep Moving Forward and Rock It!

The Program

This is where the magic happens. By focusing on a number critcial questions with a focus on purpose, passions and talents. These are the parts you need to focus on, but it’s the parts most people either forget about or can’t see in themselves.

We know leaders can build better businesses and careers when they start by focusing on themselves and what they truly want – with action and focus. With a clear plan and strategy.

The Program will empower and inspire you with tool,s tips and techniques to achieve greatness.

This is why you need to join Our Program! Included in the program are Intensive Webinars, The Leadeship Table, Accountability Calls, Actions, Plans, Private Groups, One on One Coaching plus MUCH MORE!

Our work has been so successful that our CEO & founder Sonia has been recognised as one of the top 250 influential women globally.

For years, we have provided leadership and executive coaching for people and businesses across the globe for many different industries. We love to work with individuals to help them discover themselves and reveal their greatest talents and dreams. That’s what we find most rewarding. People choose to work with us because of our extensive experience in leadership, and our proven results as a coaches over the last 20 years. Also Sonia is the author of two leadership books, Leadership Attitude and Just Rock It! and has been published in The Australian, HRD Magazine, Business Insider, and many more. She is a sought-after Keynote Speaker at global events and conferences, and editor of LeadershipHQ Magazine. Our blogs are listed in the Top 50 and 100 Leadership Blogs Globally for Leaders, CEO & Managers.

We are also known for our empowering, driven and inspiring coaching style. We know how to get the best out of people and get results!

If you want to become a more inspiring or confident leader or entrepreneur, achieve your dreams and goals or build a career in leadership, and you would love to work with Sonia & LHQ,

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